4 Best Online Courses to Learn Embedded Systems

4 Best Online Courses to Learn Embedded Systems

Whether you are a beginner who wants to tinker with hardware, or a professional developer looking to refresh and supplement your knowledge, online embedded systems courses are a great way to learn new skills at a low cost and with flexible schedule.

Below is a list of online embedded systems courses taught by experienced instructors that we recommend (and verified by tens and thousands of students). These courses are ideal for beginners, intermediate students, as well as experts.

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How to De-risk Hardware Development

There‚Äôs a stark difference between software and hardware development and why people say dealing with hardware is hard. Not only is it more costly to achieve product market fit, but the hardware development process can take 4x longer than that of software development.

With software development, you can start coding immediately on your laptop after downloading the necessary applications. In contrast, the hardware development process requires coding the system, determining which components to purchase, connecting these components, and ensuring that the code runs correctly on these devices. On top of that, even if you were to determine which components to use, ordering parts can take weeks to months.

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