Updates: Digital Scope Testing Feature

Probing data pins from an Arduino to get the Voltage Readings from The Test Window

The product team at Sahara Cloud releases regular feature updates based on feedback from our beta users. This week, we are focusing on the digital scope testing feature on our platform. Sign up to join our beta here.

Digital Scope & Probe Testing

The Testing feature on Sahara Cloud acts like a digital oscilloscope and lets users test lower level pin data such as voltages. To use the Testing feature:

1. Select a probe from the Items menu and connect the probe to the digital pin that is providing signals.
2. Use the Coding window to program the probe to ping the pin that’s connected.
3. Build & Run Job
4. Once the code is compiled and run, click on the test tube icon on the left menu and expand the testing window
5. You can now see the data showing low level signals of the pin!

SaharaCloud Advanced Testing window

You can expand the Testing window to see Advanced Testing view which provides even more detailed information about pin level activities. This feature is currently under development and will be released soon.

Read about our last feature update as well as more information about the Sahara Cloud platform.

What are some features you would like to see us added to the Sahara Cloud platform? Let us know in the comments! You can also sign up to join the community of beta testers here.

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