Updates: Native IDE/Coding Window Navigation

Sahara Cloud’s native IDE for programming microcontrollers

The product team at Sahara Cloud releases regular feature updates based on feedback from our beta users. This week, we are focusing on navigating Sahara Cloud’s native IDE and coding window. Sign up to join our beta here.

Navigating the Code Window

Sahara Cloud’s IDE/Coding Window

After building a circuit, you can start programming by clicking on the code icon on the left side toolbar. A coding window will open up an IDE that is similar to Visual Studio Code. You can easily adjust the size of the coding window in the browser.

Use the coding window to navigate to your projects and access sample code. There are a few files to note:

  • Sample .ino files: You can find sample .ino files that we imported for programming Arduinos. Edit these files to program the Arduinos!
  • architecture.yaml: This file keeps track of all of the components in your schematic (grid) and adjusts in real time based on your circuit connections.

You can start editing your code and click file > save or ctrl + S or command + S to save your changes.

Opening Code Window in a New Tab

Opening Sahara Cloud’s IDE in a new tab

We added a new feature to enable opening the coding window in a new tab. This is a popular feature request from our beta users for a better coing experience and we delivered!

To enable the new feature, simply click on the button that says “Open in New Tab” to code in a different window.

Read about other beta features the Sahara Cloud platform supports:

What are some features you would like to see us added to the Sahara Cloud platform? Let us know in the comments! You can also sign up to join the community of beta testers here.

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