Updates: Custom Part Editor

The product team at Sahara Cloud releases regular feature updates based on feedback from our beta users. This week, we are focusing on Sahara Cloud’s upcoming feature which enables developers to create their own parts in our library of components. Sign up to join our beta here.

Custom Part Editor Feature Custom Part Editor Video Demo

Sahara Cloud’s Custom Part Editor feature is designed to let developers easily build custom parts so they become available in addition to the library of standard components the platform supports. By connecting to our web socket, users can directly access the Sahara Cloud servers and create custom components with low latency.

The demo video shows how users can easily create and modify a custom microcontroller or object using our JSON editor. In our example, we are creating a custom SPI Sniffer.

With the JSON editor, users can modify a list of common object attributes such as type, spacing, widgets, features, and box pins. Once the object is created, users can change the name, angle, size, and relative position of the component to further customize the part.

Read about other beta features the Sahara Cloud platform supports:

What are some features you would like to see us added to the Sahara Cloud platform? Let us know in the comments! You can also sign up to join the community of beta testers here.

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