Updates: Embedded Circuit Cards

The product team at Sahara Cloud releases regular feature updates based on feedback from our beta users. This week, we are focusing on Sahara Cloud’s upcoming feature: Embedded Circuit Cards for sharing schematics and projects on the cloud. Sign up to join our beta here.

Embedded Cards Feature Embedded Cards Video Demo

The Sahara Embedded Circuit Card is an easy way to share any schematic or project you built on our platform. No more screenshotting or working with incompatible file formats – just copy and paste your project’s URL to see and interact with your schematic anywhere!

These are sharable versions of your circuits that you can embed anywhere. The video demo shows how you can easily embed a Sahara Circuit Card in a blog post, forums, or any website that supports embedded links.

The cards are interactive and will be able to re-play simulations, show signals, and display code snippets – we want this to be a better way to share and showcase circuits online!

Read about other beta features the Sahara Cloud platform supports:

What are some features you would like to see us added to the Sahara Cloud platform? Let us know in the comments! You can also sign up to join the community of beta testers here.

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